Acqua per Kibora
Acqua per Kibora
Acqua per Kibora
Acqua per Kibora
Acqua per Kibora
Acqua per Kibora
Acqua per Kibora
Cielo Kibora
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Social Responsibility: Water for Kibora

Ceramiche Brennero, with its new “Acqua” collection, is proud to be partners of the project “Acqua per Kibora”, of Association Karibu, to bring running water in the kiosk of the small village of Kibora, Kenya.

Water to Kibora


What is this project about?
What is the leading reason for Ceramiche Brennero to become a Karibu Association’s partner?

We would like to explain it through Elisa Costanzini, words, the person who has jointed these two realities


Acqua to KiboraHello, my name is Elisa. Thanks to a series of lucky coincidences, it is with pleasure that I am writing these few lines in Ceramiche Brennero website, to share a great little magic. A real magic, which joints Ceramiche Brennero, water – the most important gift of our world – to Kibora, a small and as well as magic community in Africa.

Certainly it has happened to each of you hearing a person you have not seen for a long time just where you were thinking about. That’s what happened to me when, some time ago, I unexpectedly received Popi Fabrizio’s call, a dear person towards whom I hold high esteem. It was thanks to him that few years ago I was able to experience something extraordinary, which enriched me and left me a strong impression.
In 2011 I was in Africa, as a volunteer in the small village of Chakama, in Kenya, where Popi and his no profit association Karibu has been working since 2008. The daily contact with people and especially with children has brought me into a completely new reality.
From all people I have received so much love and humanity, always fed from the warmth of their looks full of life and their sure smiles. I also had to face a lifestyle so far from our reality: in that place everything is more difficult. Even a glass of water is not so easy to find.

Not long ago I was walking with a dear friend about his exciting new job experience and without any particular reason I instinctively recall him some stages of my adventure in Kenya: some episodes and the wonderful people who lived there. So, between past and present, I told him my recent Popi’s call and the new project that Karibu want to realize for the Kibora community: bring drinking water in the village, so that its inhabitants are no longer forced to use that of the river. Making that water drinkig, in which there are many bacteria, it requires a long process of purification.

KiboraAt that point Massimo’s face lightened: he told me smiling that Mrs. Anna Ruggi, Head of Ceramiche Brennero with whom he collaborated, was working on a new collection inspired by water. Water element was the source of inspiration as a precious and essential blessing to life. At the same time we realized how casual and an easy chatting exchange between friends can create the real magic. A real possibility of collaboration between these two realities was emerging, so different, but united by sharing the same ethical and social values.

So it seemed quite natural to think that Ceramiche Brennero, with its collection “Acqua” could support the Karibu Association in its project “Water for Kibora” collaborating in this important effort. I then put in contact Massimo and Popi, so that they could arrange a meeting in the headquarters to point out concrete details for this important project. Here, thanks to Mrs Anna’s sensitivity and courage, who took enthusiastically the proposal and the dream became reality. Ceramiche Brennero has confirmed its constant commitment to social, supporting Popi and Karibu in the realization of a fundamental objective for the Kibora community. Not only, but Massimo’s enterprising and magic that accidentally we have created has allowed me to feel again, this time unexpectedly, active part for the Chakama’s inhabitants. A priceless emotion.